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2012: A year in photos (part 2)

Moving on...

The List publish an Eating & Drinking Guide every year, and have a bit of a bash for some of the participants to celebrate each new edition.

The List Eating & Drinking guide 2012 launch

Sync ran a Culture Hack in Glasgow which seemed worth a look.

Culture Hack Scotland 2012

Beltane came around again.

Beltane 2012

Ewan Morrison's Tales from the Mall launched to much praise.

Tales from the Mall

Versecore was an interesting fusion of sounds and visuals, spearheaded by Zorras.


Back to school for a while. Most of the class went off on an all-expenses paid trip to Paris to shoot some Stock images. I didn't. So instead I advanced my ongoing Author Portraits series with a bunch of local writers who are underrepresented in photographs.

Stuart Kelly

Nothing at the Scottish Book Trust is done by halves, not even a simple birthday party.

Claire's 30th

After the unusual engagement shoot I wasn't at the subsequent wedding but went along to the reception for a while.

Aiko & Stuart's wedding

More Illicit Ink, providing some Verbal Medicine.

Illicit Ink: Verbal Medicine

Again with the college work distracting from the real world: the major project we had to do was running in the background. Most people were doing fashion, advertising, photojournalism... good portfolio fodder. I just HAD to be difficult of course and had embarked on a series of arty male nudes. It was a struggle because I wasn't quite sure what I was trying to do until I had done it but once the final set was printed on lovely paper I was most happy. And they're all worksafe and unless you knew the models intimately you wouldn't recognise them!


While scouting for possible nude models I popped along to Dr Sketchy's Anti Art School (currently on hiatus), which became a bit of a habit.

Dr Sketchy's Steampunk Airship

The Society of Young Publishers suffer from their name, as you need not be either a publisher or young to get involved; all that's required is that you have been in publishing for less than ten years. They run regular events on the theme of, you guessed it, publishing. This was an unusually interactive evening in the Brass Monkey.

SYP Scotland: The Future of Paper

More from Future Shorts...

Future Shorts | Legacy

Once again, school raised its head and asked for Fashion. Handily enough, my friendly designer Jacob Birge needed to shoot his final collection - in Inspace no less. Strange how college assignments are so much easier when they're real and useful.

Symmetric Strategy

Back to Dr Sketchy's!

Dr Sketchy's - This One Time, at Band Camp

"I know," said the Edinburgh International Festival, "let's do things outwith the actual Festival. Why not put some opera in a library?" And thus we had Love in a Library.

Love in a Library

School's out for summer, school's out forever! Except first we had to plan and fund our own variant on a degree show, Exposed12. That was fun.


The Edinburgh International Book Festival launched their 2012 programme.

Book Festival launch 2012

A recent plot to get regular people interested in science, Science on a Summer's Evening featured drinks, nibbles, music and talks - and it was a lovely summer's evening! There should be more of this sort of thing.

Science on a Summer's Evening

The 2012 Edinburgh International Film Festival, after the fiasco that was 2011, got back to doing what it was good at. Personally, I just hung out at Inspace most of the time. See?

Atmosphere: Young Frankenstein

And then it was time for some spy-themed Illicit Ink with Invisible Ink.

Illicit Ink: Invisible Ink

There was another wedding that I didn't attend but instead hung out at the reception...

Paulo & Lyndall got wed

Theater Paradok needed to raise some funds to produce their imminent Fringe show and how better to do so than to fill the still-fresh Looking Glass Books to bursting and put on some poetry?

Pea Green Poetry

Tupiniquin is a green-painted TARDIS at the top of Middle Meadow Walk. They make gluten free crepes with a Brazilian twang, and since it was their second birthday there was a crepe- and music-fuelled party on the street.

Tupiniquim's 2nd birthday

Graphic Scotland are still on the hunt for funding so don't manage to do as much publicly as they would like. Comic Creators was the second event of its kind, the previous one being in Edinburgh, where they invited artists and writers to come along and meet up. In a comic shop of course.

Comic Creators

A new voice in the world of e-publishing, Thistle in the Kiss launched in the Wee Red Bar.

Thistle in the Kiss launch

After months of planning, the now infamous paper Sculptures were about to go on a tour of Scotland. Suddenly the press cared a lot!

Paper sculptures photo call

And then it was the Festivals... onto part 3!

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