Monday, 31 December 2012

2012: A year in photos (part 5)

The West Port book Festival started as a free parallel to the Edinburgh International Book Festival, and in its first two years it ran over a long weekend in august. Since then it's moved around the year, in 2012 falling in November. But first, to Edinburgh Books for the programme launch!

West Port Book Festival 2012 launch

A new line of pamphlets has appeared under the banner of Stewed Rhubarb. First three poets launched at the Jazz Bar, with more to follow...

Stewed Rhubarb presents...

Another Society of Young Publishers event, this time in Summerhall for a discussion on internships.

SYP Scotland: The Intern Event

Every year the Scottish Book Trust compiles a sort of crowdsourced collection of stories. This year it was My Favourite Place, 100,000 copies of which were also going to be distributed free as part of Book Week Scotland.

My Favourite Place launch

And another Dr Sketchy's, on a pirate theme.

Sketchy the Pirate

I rarely agree to weddings because I can't be doing with the stream of cliched images that many couples expect. Occasionally people ask me to do what I do at their wedding. If all weddings were like this one I'd happily do them all the time.

Guzman wedding

The second instalment of Rally & Broad was, thankfully, just as good as the first.

Rally & Broad - Part Deux!

Called in to Scottish Book Trust HQ for a secret project, I discovered that they had commissioned the (still-anonymous) paper sculptor to produce five new pieces for Book Week Scotland.

There was Lanark:

BWS Paper Sculptures

Tam O'Shanter:

BWS Paper Sculptures

Whiskey Galore:

BWS Paper Sculptures

Peter Pan:

BWS Paper Sculptures

And Treasure Island:

BWS Paper Sculptures

Then it was time for West Port itself. Which included...

A special Rally & Broad at the Cuckoo's Nest:

WPBF12: Rally & Broad Unplugged!

Wayne Price & Liam Murray Bell at Edinburgh Books:

WPBF12: Wayne Price & Liam Murray Bell

Keith Ridgway & Nick Holdstock at Pulp Fiction:

WPBF12: Keith Ridgway & Nick Holdstock

An Atmosphere screening of The Pillow Book at Inspace, featuring sake cocktails and some live flesh calligraphy:

WPBF12: The Pillow Book

Vicki Jarrett presenting Saturday night, Sunday morning, perhaps the first ever book reading in a chip shop:

Saturday night, Sunday morning: Vicki Jarrett

Kirsty Logan and Elaine Di Rolllo at Lovecrumbs:

Kirsty Logan and Elaine Di Rolllo

And Wince! at Armchair Books:


The #giftED tour finally came home, finishing its run in the Scottish Poetry Library. The sculptures had been back to their mother for some tweaks and were looking particularly lovely together.

giftED exhibition prep

At Inspace for some unique film and music with KinoKlub presents Cinemechanique

KinoKlub presents Cinemechanique

The launch of a new collection of science fiction-themed poetry at Blackwell's, When Rockets Burn Through

When Rockets Burn Through launch

The Anobii First Book Award had been announced but there was a further event to celebrate the award and the winners at Summerhall.

Anobii First Book Awards

And then as the #giftED tour was about to close, a new sculpture was unveiled!

Paper Sculpture no 17 - unveiling

Once more to Illicit Ink for 20,000 Words Under the Sea

Illicit Ink: 20,000 Words Under the Sea

Lush Edinburgh have spent years trapped in a tiny shop on Princes Street. Now they have a far larger shop with a spa in the basement, which was a great excuse for a party.

Lush Spa opening

A fascinating event at Inspace called Into Deep Space: an exploration of exoplanets featuring apple pies, primordial soup (nom!) and more cocktails.

Into Deep Space

I rarely go to PechaKucha because it's so variable and, being mostly people pointing at slides, isn't terribly photogenic. But this one sounded interesting.

PechaKucha #21

Another Salon Venn, with an Absinthe theme!

Salon Venn - December

Then it was Christmastime and the city was full of light and noise.

Wide angle festivities

I went into town to investigate and play, but also to provide technical support while my flatmate made a quirky video for his Christmas song:

The National Library of Scotland do events, it turns out. I hadn't been to any before but they were keen to get some nice coverage of Neil Oliver opening their new exhibition of maps.

NLS Map Exhibition opening

And there was a big party at the Hub which I got summoned to...

Wolffe 50th Birthday do

Another Rally & Broad, still keeping the bar up.

Rally & Broad - The December Issue

Then away to the Wirral for Christmas. Which was, as Christmas should be, equally fun and harrowing.

Another Wirral Christmas

So the world didn't end but the year did. And henceforth I shall try to do this sort of summary monthly...

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