Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Festivals 2010: And on the sixth day

Thursday started out lovely. Sun shining, tourists revelling., people with interesting hair looking well lit…



But then the heavens opened.



And while most people scurried for the nearest shelter, or huddled under the inadequate one to hand…



Others seemed less worried about getting soaked through, perhaps because they had less to soak.



After not very long, the clouds passed and the sun returned, evaporating the rain and making the city almost painfully hot with the humidity.



But before long the rains returned.



And abated.



And then came back for one last, serious encore.



Not that this stopped people from going about their business.



It’s very telling that the Fringe street team have warm waterproof hoodies as part of their uniform. I also think it’s rather nice of them to think of their poor, bedraggled staff.



After pretty much clearing the streets – not to mention giving them a good clean – the river in the sky moved on and left people to get back to the fun. I know of one photographer who loved the rain because it meant lots of umbrella-backed portrait opportunities.



And of course after a good wash the sky often looks lovely as well.



It just goes to show that nothing can stop the momentum of the festivals, rain, shine or the fall of night. They’ll keep at it, whether it be promoting, performing papping or, er, watching.



 Next up: Turned out nice again!

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