Sunday, 7 April 2013

March madness - It's all kicking off

Finally some time to talk about last month, and this one is almost over!

I'm not a fan of Fashion photography because most of it is more about technique and standardised looks than about the content and the image but there are exceptions. There's a group on Facebook called Blank Canvas which is for photographers/models/makeup artists/etc. to find collaborators; a student MUA, Jai Latto posted a request which tickled me so we went drag crazy in Planet and around the Omni complex.

Fashion is a Drag

The Scottish Poetry Library are doing more events in other venues this year; Two Places as One was at Inspace but also in Shetland, with a live video feed between the two allowing both audiences to experience all the poetry.

48 hours | Two Places as One

As part of their ongoing Inspirations series, the National Library of Scotland had Tom Kitchin in to talk to Edi Stark about what inspires him. He was also treated to a private viewing of a few selected items from the library's vast catalogue.

Inspirations at NLS: Tom Kitchin

Illicit Ink's first foray at the new Bongo Club (which most of us think of as the Underbelly), Publish or Perish was an evening of education themed stories.

Illicit Ink: Publish or Perish

The first of what will hopefully be a regular event, the #edbooktweetup was an informal meetup of Twitter users with a bookish connection. Hosted in the ever-lovely Looking Glass Books, snacks, wine and chat were enjoyed by all.


StAnza, oh StAnza. After years of trying to improve the photographic coverage of what I had been assured was a lovely poetry festival I managed to attend some of it; see my previous post for details of what I got up to there.

StAnza 2013

Another in the National Library's Inspirations series, this time Kirsty Wark and Sally Magnusson interviewing each other in the Mitchell Library.

Inspirations with Kirsty Wark and Sally Magnusson

A new event at Inspace! Syndicate is, er, a, um, experimental evening investigating the interface betweeen culture and technology. I think. It's experimental, anyway. And Poetry.

48 hours | Syndicate

Back to the Counting House for another Rally & Broad; Lach, Miriam Gamble, Colin McGuire, Miko Koko, Benofficial and Fish to Fry made this a night of excellent joy. It takes a lot to impress me, but R&B continue to satisfy.

Rally & Broad: Forward, March!

Reel Festivals bring together artists from the UK and the Middle East and then run events on both sides of the globe. I went along to see some music and some poetry...

Reel Festivals: Oud Workshop with City of Salt

Oh godohgodohgod it's the Edinburgh International Science Festival. Time to forget sleep and get educated. This deserves a post all of its own...

LateLab - Are You Fit for Orbit?

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