Friday, 1 March 2013

February 2013 - Still quiet...

You know, I complained that January was quiet but that was nothing on February...

The Edinburgh International Science Festival launched their pattern-themed 2013 programme, and that evening they had a pattern-themed LateLab at Inspace.


The ECA Animation students had an evening showcasing a series of shorts, each made in 24 hours, in association with the New Bulgarian University in Sofia. 10x10x13 also featured some live improvised music accompanying various animations.


Stitch Lounge time! After the menswear edition I stepped away from the sewing machines and back into a purely observational role. I even broke out the flash (gasp!) occasionally.

Stitch Lounge

The Traverse 50 had another group session, with two senior radio people from the BBC discussing how to get a play successfully commissioned.

Traverse 50 - Writing for Radio panel

And Electric Tales, starring the varied talents of Andrew Learmonth, Rebecca Green, Wild Card Kitty, Donald Nelson and Derek Johnston.

Electric Tales: Love is Sometimes Shaped Like a Cushion

The Scottish Storytelling Centre's Cafe Voices night was perilously close to February 14 and so the theme was Vile Valentines, hosted by the magnificent Ariadne Cass-Maran to much applause.

Café Voices: Vile Valentines

As part of LGBT History Month a group of writers were commissioned to create pieces on the theme of kin. These were performed at Summerhall on two days, the event I attended had Roy Gill (who is very very good all round), Mary Paulson-Ellis, Allan Radcliffe and Islay Bell-Webb wowing the audience.

LGBT History Month - Kin (part 2)

Back to Rally & Broad for The Grudge and the Glow, a fun-filled evening at the Counting House with Austen George, Lucy Ayrton, Rhys Kirkman, Graeme Hawley, Leo Glaister, "Dizzy Godiva & Wicked McElders feat. Sian Bevan!" and the quite remarkable poet Bohdan Piasecki.

Rally & Broad: The Grudge & the Glow

The second trilogy of poetry pamphlets from Stewed Rhubarb Press were launched at the Jazz Bar, Harry Giles's Visa Wedding, Tracey S Rosenberg's Lipstick is Always a Plus and Lucy Ayrton's Lullabies to Make Your Children Cry.

Stewed Rhubarb Presents... part 2

Birlinn, a publishing house who are literally around the corner, needed some shots of Rosemary Goring as she has her first novel coming out soon. Since it's about the Battle of Flodden I took her to the Flodden wall for a play...

Rosemary Goring

Do people really judge a book by its cover? was an unusual event at Blackwell in Edinburgh. Focusing on Charlie Fletcher's latest novel, Far Rockaway, there was a discussion on how book covers are chosen and in particular the process to come up with this one, which was the product of a competition with the Edinburgh College of Art.

Do people really judge a book by its cover?

Cachín Cachán Cachunga was having its fourth anniversary show at Mono Cafe Bar in Glasgow this year - which started a long period of me going to places outside Edinburgh for various reasons. An extremely varied evening of words, music, dance, this was exactly what it says on the tin, "Queer & Trans Cabaret".

Cachín Cachán Cachunga!'s 4th anniversary

And then March, when the whole world is coming to life...

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