Friday, 24 February 2012

11 of 10 - a skeletal swansong

We were all so excited about the final sculptures that the bonus one rather slipped by...

On 25 November 2011 Ian Rankin got in touch with the Edinburgh Bookshop and said that he was expecting a parcel to be delivered and asked if they could let him know when it arrived.

When the parcel arrived the writing on it seemed familiar. A quick text later and Ian arrived to open it. Sure enough, there was another fabulous papery delight, marked 11/10!

The tag reads:

For @Beathhigh A Gift
".... something in us never dies" (R. Burns 1790)

In support of those who turn ideas
into words, words into books ......
& of course books into libraries."

Paper sculpture  11 of 10

A pair of skeletons perched on a coffin lid, clearly having a good time drinking, smoking and listening to music. By their feet is a crate of bottles and next to them is a turntable and a record sleeve reading "THE IMPOSSIBLE DEAD / IAN RANKIN / SOME SECRETS NEVER DIE"

Paper sculpture  11 of 10

The coffin lid reads "R.I.P. 13/10/11" which is the publishing date of The Impossible Dead.

Paper sculpture  11 of 10

In other news, the planned exhibition of the sculptures is on track, to be held in the Scottish Poetry Library....

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